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Athletic Boosters Bylaws




The purpose of this organization shall be to promote, foster and perpetuate athletics and good sportsmanship at Conrad Weiser Area School District at the Junior and Senior high level: For accomplishment of this purpose, this organization shall exercise representation of the sport(s), except in those matters governed by PIAA rules and regulations.



2.1 Qualifications. Each Officer must be an individual of full age (18 years old and out of High School) and must also be a Member in good standing.

  1. The officers shall comprise of Athletic Director, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  2. All CW Coaches, Parents and Concerned adults in good standing shall be considered for membership.

2.2 Term. The Officers of the club shall hold office for two years until their successors are chosen or until removed pursuant to section 2.3. The terms of the President and the Vice President shall be staggered such that they shall be elected in alternating years and shall not serve the same two years of any term as well as the Secretary and the treasurer. Therefore, the terms for President and the Secretary shall run in the same two year term, staggered with the VP and the treasurer.

2.3 Removal of Officers. All elected Officers must be in good standing, as defined in the code of conduct of CW ASD, or can be rejected by the Athletic Director. The President must find an acceptable replacement. The Athletic Director can replace officers during their term if he can prove to the Board of Directors of wrongdoing.

2.4 Election of Officers. Each year in May, elections will be held for any vacant positions pursuant to section 2.2 of these by-laws. Nominations shall take place in April. The election of the Officers will be held by those members in attendance with voting status by secret ballot. A majority vote by those in attendance will be needed to install the Officers. In case of an officer leaving mid-term, the highest ranking officer will call for an election to replace said officer. The replacement officer shall be an interim officer and shall NOT be anyone currently on the board. He/She shall only serve to finish the term of the replacement officer.

2.5 Duties. Powers. The duties and powers of the Officers shall be as follows:

  1. Athletic Director: The Athletic Director shall

Be the chief officer of the Conrad Weiser Athletic Boosters club.

Represent the Administration and will present all requests to the administration or school board or choose a representative to do so.

  1. President: The President shall

Preside at all meetings of the Members, Officers and Board of Directors.

Has the power to call emergency meetings, cancel a meeting and reschedule the meeting for weather or other significant events

Enforce these By-Laws, have general and active role in the club, shall see that all orders and resolutions of the club are carried into effect.

  1. Vice President: The Vice President shall

During the absence or incapacity of the President, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President. When so acting a Vice President shall have all the responsibilities of the office of President and shall perform such duties and functions as the Board may prescribe.

*      Secretary: The Secretary shall

Attend all meetings and record all the outcome of all official motions of the Officers, Board of Directors and Members and keep the minutes of all their transactions.

Keep an official list of all those with voting status and the date when status was earned and/or revoked pursuant to section 3.4 of these Bylaws.

  1. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall

Have custody of the funds and shall keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements in books and records belonging to the club.

Deposit all income and receipts of the club in approved accounts and pay all authorized bills and obligations of the club.

All bills paid must be supported by a bill, invoice or other document with payment authorized by another Officer besides the Treasurer.

Cause all books, reports, and statements to be properly kept and filed as required.

Appoint all chair people of committees of the club and shall have the general powers and duties of supervision and management toward the committees goal.

On a monthly basis, the treasurer shall produce a financial report.

2.6 Committees. The Officers may establish one or more committees as it determines necessary for the business of the club. Each committee so established shall consist of at least one Committee Chair and the remaining members of each committee may be Members of the club who are in good standing. No committee shall exercise any of the powers or authority vested by these by-laws or applicable law without permission of the Officers of the club. Any committee may make recommendations to the Officers concerning the exercise powers and authority. Each committee shall keep regular minutes of its proceedings and report such proceedings periodically to the Officers. The Athletic Director or the President may, in its sole discretion, disband any committee it establishes at any time for misuse of authority.



3.1 Voting status. Members voting status shall be determined as follows.

  1. Each elected officer and each member in good standing shall be allowed one vote at all meetings.
  2. President only votes to break a tie.
  3. Athletic Director has veto power on all issues.
  4. Voting members attain voting status by attending 3 Booster meetings in one school year, transferable to the following school year. Voting status will be revoked if member misses 3 consecutive meetings. Voting status will be reinstated if member attends 3 consecutive meetings. Coaches may have excused absences if the boosters meeting conflicts with in season practice or game.






4.1 Notice of Meetings. All official Booster Club meetings will be set by the President. The date and time of these meetings will be listed in the school calendar and posted to the school website.

  1. There will be 11 official meetings of the club.
  2. These meetings shall be during the months of August to June.
  3. Emergency meetings and/or cancellation of meeting may be called at any time by an Officer pursuant to section 2.5 of these by-laws.

4.2 Summer Business. Summer business and requests for funds will be handled by the club Officers. Any business conducted must be reported at the next meeting.

4.3 Quorum. At all meetings, the presence, in person, of at least three Officers or the Athletic Director and two Officers shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of considering a matter. If a quorum is not present, those present may adjourn the meeting to such time and place as they may determine.



5.1 Membership Dues. Membership fees may be established by the Officers and by the vote of a majority of a quorum of the Members in good standing at the August meeting. Membership fees shall be payable at the beginning of a calendar year or at such time as the Officers see fit.

5.2 Amendment. Except as otherwise required, these By-Laws may be amended or repealed by the vote of a majority of a quorum of the Members in good standing, at any regular or special meeting of the Members. Written notice of the proposed amendments must be given to each Member at least 1 month prior to such meeting.

5.3 Chair of Command. The Conrad Weiser Athletic Boosters Club will recognize the following chain of command:

  1. The School Board
  2. The Superintendent
  3. Principal
  4. Athletic Director
  5. President
  6. Other Officers of the club
  7. Voting Members of the club


Revised May 2012 (By-Laws Revision Committee)

Leslie Pirl-Roth, Secretary, class of 2014, Chair; Russ Kline, AD; Jim Hickernell, President, class of 2012; Heather Laudenslager, VP, class of 2012; Brenda Talbot, Concessionaire; Don Ramsay, Member

Revised April 2013





  1. The general account will contain all funds that are not marked for special projects or individual sport accounts.
  2. Money can be removed from the general fund by the vote of the membership at an official meeting.


  1. Any sport teams may set up an individual sport account by depositing money in their Booster Account.
  2. In order to maintain an account, all teams must participate in a Booster fundraiser event if one occurs in their season.
  3. Individual team fundraising not in conflict with Booster projects or district wide project will be allowed.
    1. All monies raised by fundraisers must be deposited or turned over for deposit by the next meeting. Records must be kept by the individual team. The President or Athletic Director can request to see these records at any time.
    2. Unapproved fundraisers will not be tolerated, the Principal will be informed of such fundraisers and the CW Athletic Boosters will not be responsible for the bills.
    3. A team cannot have any other bank accounts with the school district.
  4. Withdrawal of fund from individual accounts.
    1. The Head Coach will decide how the money in his team account will be spent upon approval from the President and the Athletic Director.
    2. Teams will be billed at the end of the year for major awards and the Team Championship awards.
    3. Upon approval of the request, the treasurer will issue a check.
  5. Depositing funds to the individual accounts.
    1. All monies must be deposited by the next meeting. The monies can be given to the Athletic Director or at a Boosters meeting. An officer will make the deposit .


  1. Outside use by another person, sport team, or group must be approved by the Athletic Director and the President.
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